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19 Apr 17
Facebook Announces 360 Capture SDK | Create 360 VR Gameplay Videos and Photos

Today at Facebook’s F8 conference, Facebook Announced 360 Capture SDK, the needed package to allow Unity and Unreal powered games to capture full 360 degree In-Game videos and photos. You can download the SDK right now off of Facebook’s GitHub page.

The 360 Capture SDK uses cube mapping versus stitching, the traditional method for creating a 360-degree spherical or gigapixel panoramic image. This results in three main differences:

Accessibility: People no longer need a supercomputer to capture their VR experience. Because cube mapping requires less computing power to capture 360 content, the 360 Capture SDK works on baseline recommended hardware for VR without compromising the experience. That is, it maintains the requirement of 90 frames per second (fps) for VR. Developers will also find the SDK plugin to be compatible with multiple game engines like Unity and Unreal, and even native engines.

Quality: We maintain a high-quality viewing experience for people viewing captured 360 content in VR or on News Feed. For example, the minimum resolution for a quality viewing experience on News Feed is 1080p and 4K for VR. Our SDK is capable of capturing both resolutions.

Speed: We maintain 90 fps performance on virtual reality systems like Rift, while capturing VR-quality 360 video at 30 fps in a single second.

You can learn more about how Facebook achieved this new feature by visiting their blog post.

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