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01 Feb 16
Playlist of 360-3D VR Videos on YouTube

One neat thing about YouTube is that they support 360-degree video playback. VR headsets like the Gear VR and Oculus Rift allow you to watch 3D videos and provide a pretty realistic 3D effect. Using the Gear VR Web Browser that can be downloaded from the Oculus store, you can view 360-degree videos or 3D videos on YouTube. The Oculus web browser does not support 360-3D VR Videos on YouTube but there is a work around. Reddit user /u/tswaves created a list of YouTube 360-3D VR Videos available and instructions on getting them to display correctly in the Gear VR’s Milk VR app.

Click Here To See The Complete List of Videos

First you must download the video clips of your choice at the highest quality off of YouTube as Mp4 files. There are a number of websites and apps that can be used; for Android users I would recommend the SnapTube app. After downloading the 360-3D VR Videos you would like to view in your Gear VR you will need to do the following steps.

  • If you don’t see one, create a folder on your phone’s device storage and name it ‘MilkVR’.
  • Go to where all of the 360-3D VR videos are located and add “_3dv” to the end of their filename. (Example: “Downloaded360Video_3dv.mp4”).
  • Drag and drop all of the renamed clips into the MilkVR folder located on your mobile device.
  • Open up MilkVR on you mobile device and navigate to the Downloaded tab to see all of you downloaded 360-3D VR Videos.

We will add more 360-3D VR videos to the playlist so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel or save the link to the playlist.

Image Source: MilkVR


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