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HTC Vive Game Water Bears VR Free on Steam

Schell Games released Game Water Bears VR for FREE today on Steam. Regardless if you have a VR headset or not ddd it to your Steam library because it won’t stay free forever. To celebrate the release of consumer VR headsets Schell Games will offer Water Bears VR for FREE for a limited time before bring the price back to $9.99.

Water Bears VR has the player is tasked with rescuing “Water Bears” by redirecting water flow using motion controls. As the Oculus Rift won’t be shipping with its motion controller we’re expecting this is a HTC Vive title for now but Schell Games may support the Oculus touch controllers once released.

Download Water Bears VR on Steam

Step into the Vive and use your own two hands to reroute, remix, and redirect water flows to free trapped water bears! Water Bears VR is the next evolution of Water Bears, winner of the 2015 Serious Play Awards “Best in Show” and the 2015 CTR “Editor’s Choice for Excellence in Design.”

Each puzzle starts with sad water bears that are desperately in need of water. Help them by building and rebuilding water flows using an ever-increasing variety of pipes. Walk around the puzzles in real space, viewing them from all sides to get ideas. Manipulate myriad colors, test your spatial reasoning, and make the most of your limited resources. There are dozens of puzzles and an awful lot of thirsty water bears that need your help!

[Standing / optimal playspace size: 9’x9’]

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