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28 Jan 16
vTime a Sociable Network In Virtual Reality

Before I used any VR headset I thought the most fun I would have in VR was going to be shooters and gun type games. While there are some great games out there nothing feels as “unique” to me than some of the Gear VR’s Non-gaming Virtual Reality apps.

vTime is a social VR app for the GearVR that allows you to chat with multiple people in a VR space. vTime puts you in one of many Virtual Reality environments with up to 3 other users. Headphones with microphones are required to use the app and you will need a valid email address to login.

vTime-Gear-VR-01When you first launch vTime you’ll be asked to create an account and avatar. There are a bunch of customizable options for your avatar, and while it isn’t the best character creation tool available, you can get an avatar to look similar to yourself.

The entire app is controlled with head tracking so put away the gamepad and keep your hands off your face, there no need for any physical controls. Using head tracking to navigate through menus it takes a while to select what you what, but there’s no fear of accidentally selecting something.

When you join a room you’re able to talk with random users also using vTime. Head-Tracking works in the chatroom allowing you to see users turn and move their heads while talking. There are a number of environments for you to chat in with additional environments being released within free updates.

If you have a Gear VR and are into the idea of talking to virtual avatars, give vTime a try. It’s definitely one of my favorites Gear VR apps of 2016. vTime recently released a Note 4 compatible version of their app so even if you’re still using the old hardware you can still join in.

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