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29 Jan 16
Updated Oculus Store Now Has A FREE Category

The updated Oculus Store added a new free category to its landing page. Now that the Gear VR is officially out in the wild, a number of new apps are being pushed to the store weekly. Sorting through the apps is beginning to get slightly difficult due to the vast amount of apps, videos, demos and games. The Free category doesn’t contain all the free Gear VR Apps but only a list of the top free apps.

With this new category hopefully it’ll be easier for Gear VR developers to promote their free applications. I know I download every free app available for the Gear VR in order to try out as many different VR experiences as I can. Hopefully Oculus will give the store a makeover before the Consumer Oculus Rift starts shipping, with the growing number of VR content being released, a new redesign to help navigation may be needed.

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