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26 Jan 16
Dear Angelica A Film By Oculus Story Studio

Oculus Story Studio took to twitter to announce their third Virtual Reality film “Dear Angelica”. “Dear Angelica” and Oculus’s Quill application will be reviled at Oculus’s special event at Sundance. Oculus Story Studio has already announced two VR films in the past, the first being about an animated hedgehog named “Henry” and the second film taking you though a eerie moonlit forest titled “Lost”. With Wesley Allsbrook as the art director of “Dear Angelica” it looks like Oculus Story Studio now wants to take their viewers on a journey among the stars..

There is no release date for any of the Oculus Story Studio films but if you happen to be attending this year’s Sundance film festival in Utah you may get a chance to catch a screening for these and a number of other VR films.

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