RiftyBusiness | Samsung Internet Brings YouTube & More To Gear VR

01 Dec 15
Samsung Internet Brings YouTube & More To Gear VR

Today the Samsung Internet app has been released to the Oculus Store for all Gear VR owners. Its still in beta but one of its greatest feature is being able to play all YouTube html5 video including 2d, 3d, 360 & etc. There is no official Gear VR YouTube app,  most likely due to Google spearheading Virtual Reality using their own Google Cardboard technology. Beyond YouTube, the Samsung Internet Browser for the Gear VR also allows you to surf the internet as you normally do allowing you to use a virtual keyboard or voice to text to navigate & enter text.

Beyond YouTube, streaming sites like Twitch and News Outlets also seem to work, but some stream have some graphical issues. The Samsung Internet browser loads webpages in their mobile view rather than its desktop view and can be controlled via bluetooth controller.

While its not perfect yet, it is still in beta and will undoubtedly have several planned updates in the near future. If you have a Gear VR you can download this app by looking it up on the APP section in the Oculus Store.

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