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04 Dec 15
Oculus Announces Rockband VR

Oculus’s special announcement during the 2015 Game Awards was that Rockband VR is being developed by Oculus & Harmonix. Oculus VR founder, Palmer Luckey took to the stage at The 2015 Game Awards to announce that Oculus and Harmonix have been working on Rockband VR for quite some time. Luckey also mentiend that it will be released around the time of the consumer Oculus rift, Q1 2016.Rockband VR was introduced alongside a humorous video featuring Palmer Luckey, Harmonix developers and the band Dragonforce . We also got a glimpse of some in game footage which shows the player taking the role of the lead guitarist and through the headset, able to look out onto the crowd and to their band mates alongside them on stage. Looking at the guitar being held by the player’s avatar you can see familiar rock band keys highlight indicating which notes to hit .

More details about rock band VR are sure to follow and RiftyBusiness will be sure to keep you updated on all the latest PR news and updates. you can watch the announcement below and catch the entire 2015 Game Awards on YouTube by clicking here.

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