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13 Nov 15
YouTube VR’s JUMP playlist

An email sent by Google’s JUMP team went out to people who opted in to receive updates about Google’s VR camera rig. In the email they supplied a link to a JUMP playlist within YouTube’s 360° Channel, the playlist consisting of VR videos made with the JUMP camera rig.

We’re excited to share that YouTube now supports VR video, which means experiences captured with Jump can be uploaded, viewed and shared on a platform that creators already know and love.

To give it a try, pick a video from this Jump playlist on the YouTube Android app, tap the new Cardboard icon and drop your smartphone into a Google Cardboard viewer.

Enjoy 🙂

Stereoscopically yours,
The Jump team

The JUMP camera rig is consisted of 16 GoPro Hero 4 cameras arranged on a circular mount capable of capturing full HD 360 degree videos. You can sign up on Google’s site to receive more information and have a chance of being selected to use and develop content using JUMP. If you have a Google Cardboard handy you can check out the full HD VR videos here:

You can watch more 360 degree videos on YouTube by visiting the YouTube 360° Channel. Please note that not all videos listed on the channel was shot with a JUMP camera rig.

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