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15 Sep 15
SONY’s Project Morpheus is now officially PlayStation VR

Project Morpheus is no more, say hello to PlayStation VR. SONY took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 to reveal the new name and show off some PlayStation VR titles. SONY also announced that the Playstation 4 will be receiving a price drop in Japan and has expanded its Playstation Now service.

PlaystationVR Titles

Woah. Is That Final Fantasy XIV?!


Along with the announcement, SONY also showed off some gameplay videos of the titles announced. You can watch the press conference below, go to 1:45:50 to skip ahead to the Playstation VR announcement. PlayStation VR will be competing with the growing number of virtual reality headsets, including the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive., Sony did not announce a launch date for PlayStation VR but we look forward seeing it sometime in 2016



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