RiftyBusiness | Dreadhalls updated to Oculus Runtime 0.7

11 Sep 15
Dreadhalls updated to Oculus Runtime 0.7

Dreadhalls developer Sergio Hidalgo has updated his VR Horror game to support the Oculus runtime 0.7. For those aren’t aware, the latest Oculus Runtime makes a number of old VR games and demos unplayable. With Dreadhalls updated to the latest SDK, users should be able to see some incread performance and stability.

The new Oculus SDK removes the extended mode option and instead runs games and apps under the new Direct Driver Mode. While this does enhance the Oculus Rift’s performance and lowers judder, it disables the ability to use the Rift as a monitor causing several demos and applications to no longer be playable.


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Photo Credit: Dreadhalls.com




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