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HTC Vive Developer Kits are Shipping

Steam announced that the first round of HTC Vive Developer Kits are shipping this week. This announcement looks to be on track with their planned 2015 release. The announcement also stated how the Steam VR Hardware Group, is open to the community, not to post, but to read and follow developers creating VR applications. Steam states that they will continue shipping HTC Vive Developer Kits throughout the Spring and Summer so if you signed up to receive a kit, there is a chance that you still may receive one.

This week, we have started shipping the Vive Developer Editions. This first wave includes a wide range of developers from major movie studios, triple A developers, to small indie teams working on their first title. We will continue to ship to additional developers through the spring and summer.

In the box is a headset, 2 Lighthouse base stations, 2 wireless Steam VR controllers, various cables, instructions, and everything else needed to get started. This will allow developers to target the same system consumers will have in their homes later this year.

Remember, while you will need to receive a Developer Edition to post in the Steam VR Hardware Group, the entire community is invited to read and follow along with the developers as they create great virtual reality experiences.

Source: Steam Blog

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