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01 May 15
What’s The Deal With Segregated Gear VR Content?

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the new Gear VR there is now segregated Gear VR content on the Oculus Store. Depending if you access the Oculus store from a Note 4 or Galaxy S6 you’ll see different available content. Marvel’s Avengers 2 VR application will be released exclusivity for the Galaxy S6 and not the Note 4. Along with the Avengers 2 app, Omega Agent and Shironeko VR Project are all Galaxy S6 only titles at the developers request at this time.

Fireproof Games, developers of Omega Agent are still hoping to get their game out for Note 4, but are having trouble with the new Android update.

Framestore Studios, developers of the Avengers app has also stated the they are also looking into a Note 4 verision.

Yes – the plan is to get it working on the Note 4 – we ran into a shader issue late in the process and since it’s targeted for the S6 launch we had to pull Note 4 support at the last minute. Believe me, we really want everyone to see the awesomeness that is the total VR experience.
Ron Sr. VR Dev. @ Framestore

According to Oculus, there seems to be a performance issue with Adreno Note 4s running the Lollypop OS.

Hey y’all –

I wanted to clarify some misconceptions about the S6 and Note 4
Yes, Note 4 was an Innovator Edition — as is S6 — but it absolutely is a critical foundation for VR and is certainly not going to be abandoned.
All developers want to get as many downloads as they can, and this means targeting the widest market possible. Unfortunately, Adreno Note 4s running Lollypop have significant performance problems that we are all trying to work through. Until this is solved, some developers will be choosing to publish only on S6. Frankly, I don’t blame them – mobile VR is hard enough already!

While this may be frustrating in the short term, I’m hopeful we can get a driver change and get this working for all of you. I can tell you that every conversation we have at Oculus is around making sure our apps support Note 4 if at all possible, and that will continue.

I love the enthusiasm here but please don’t turn against developers (or, to a lesser degree, Samsung and Oculus) – we all want to deliver the best experience for you so you show all your friends, people get devices, devs can make money, and the virtuous cycle continues.

Thanks! Max

The segregated Gear VR content is reported to be because of a performance issue which is being looked into by the people at Oculus. Unfortunately it seems that some developers have opted to skip the Note 4 for the time being and develop straight for the Galaxy S6. Luckily the apps and games being developed for the 2015 vr jam are being specifically made and designed for the Note 4 and GearVR in mind. The VR mobile Jam have of 300 entries and while not all will make it to a public release, there is still content for current Gear VR owners on the way.

Beyond the mobile jam the decision to make an app Note 4 compatible is up to the developer. Unfortunately if Facebook, Samsung, Oculus, etc can’t fix the issue this “bug” this may be the beginning of the end for the Note 4’s VR era. Users are upset at the segregated Gear VR content but Oculus assures users that Note 4 compatibly is something they strive for with their apps if at all possible and asks people not to turn against VR developers, Samsung or Oculus.

Source: Reddit