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30 Apr 15
There’s An Avengers Gear VR App… But Not For Everyone

Excited about the Avengers 2? Well Samsung has partnered with Marvel to help promote both the Avengers 2, the Galaxy 6 and the Gear VR. Unfortunately this is an exclusive party for new Galaxy S6 and Gear VR owners that won’t be available to current owners of the Galaxy Note 4 or Gear VR Innovator Edition. Framestore VR Studios is a interactive and experiential content studio specializing in Virtual Reality. Today they’ve posted a new 360 Degree promotional video, ‘Battle for the Avengers Tower’ 360° experience’ teasing the upcoming Avengers Gear VR app.

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We’ll be releasing for S6 Gear VR, when it’s released. Full version has an interactive HUD menu at the front end, where the user is in the Iron Man suit. Built in Unity and looks highly amazing!!

When asked if the content will be available for current Gear VR owners we were told that it won’t be available nor are there any current plans for the Note 4.

Not currently available for Note 4, but we hope to be able to update for Note 4 on Kitkat at least. Probably after the S6 HMD launches. It’s only because we haven’t had time to debug for all devices and OS.

While disappointing, there is some hope as Framestore VR might release a Note 4 version. As the experience was built for the Galaxy S6 and Kitkat OS in mind there may be compatibility or performance issues if run on the Galaxy Note 4. Along with the trailer above, Samsung has release additional promotional videos promoting the S6 and new Gear VR using Marvel’s Avengers.

Note 4 owners were teased with a Marvel App when the Gear VR Innovator edition was first released with a preloaded “Tony Stark Mansion” demo that came with the device. If this is indeed the full version of that app it is a bit disheartening that Note 4 owners won’t be able to try out the app they were teased with back during the Gear VR innovator release.


UPDATE 5/1/15:

Yes – the plan is to get it working on the Note 4 – we ran into a shader issue late in the process and since it’s targeted for the S6 launch we had to pull Note 4 support at the last minute. Believe me, we really want everyone to see the awesomeness that is the total VR experience.
Ron Sr. VR Dev. @ Framestore

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