RiftyBusiness | OpenVR SDK Now Available | Supports Vive, SteamVR controllers, Lighthouse

OpenVR SDK Now Available | Supports Vive, SteamVR controllers, Lighthouse

You can now download the OpenVR SDK, the SDK needed to develop for the SteamVR hardware including Vive, SteamVR controllers and Lighthouse. The development kit of SteamVR and Vive are suppose to be shipped sometime this spring. The release of the SDK hints that the shipment date of the Dev kits may be aproaching. If you want to download the SDK you can grab a copy off GitHub. If you’re interested in developing for SteamVR there is still time to sign up for a Dev Kit via Steam.

Applications are now able to access SteamVR hardware using the new OpenVR SDK. The SDK is available for download here[github.com]. It provides support for the HTC Vive Developer Edition, including the SteamVR controller and Lighthouse. See the release notes[github.com] to learn what has changed from the Steamworks VR. The SDK also includes new documentation[github.com] and samples

Along with the OpenVR SDK support has been added to support Unity via the SteamVR Unity Plugin and native SteamVR support in Unreal 4.8. Both will be available soon.

This SDK release is the next step toward the first major Developer Edition shipment. If you have not yet applied to receive a Developer Edition, there is still time.

View the announcement Here.

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