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14 Apr 15
GTA V VorpX | New VorpX 0.8.1 has GTA 5 Support

GTA V VorpX support is now available. GTA V which was first released in 2013 has finally made its way to PC gamers. There were rumors and theories about the game including or being modded to support Virtual Reality devices like the Oculus Rift. Hours after the game’s PC release, vorpX announced and released an update to their Virtual Reality 3D Driver which includes GTA V support.

For those new to VorpX, released in 2013, it’s a driver designed to allow the use of Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift to be used for games that were not originally made to support VR. VorpX is not a free driver. Many Oculus Rift owners may be asking themselves if VorpX is Worth it and ultimately it depends on your VR needs. With GTA V just being released, additional VR options or modifications are sure to be made. RiftybBusiness

Full changelog vorpX 0.8.1


– EdgePeek now has ambience background per default, can be switched back to black
if required (expert option)


– FSX black screen (post 0.7.5 regression)
– COW: AW black screen when game starts (post 0.7.5 regression)
– Max Payne 3 (DX11) loops forever at “Initializing”
– Grand Theft Auto V loops forever at “Initializing”

Added Stereo 3D Profiles:

– Grand Theft Auto V (for now Z3D only)

Stereo 3D Profile changes/fixes:

– FSX: G3D menu corruption fixed
– Crysis: Profile wasn’t loaded for 64bit version

Game Settings Optimizer Profiles:

– Crysis: Profile added
– Grand Theft Auto V: Profile added

If you already own vorpX, it should auto-update when you start the next time you launch the vorpX Control panel. You can purchase vorpX through their homepage by visiting this link.

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