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03 Mar 15
Unity 5 Released | Free And Pro Will Not Charge Royalties

Early this morning, after news of Unreal Engine 4 announcing its new pricing platform, Unity releases Unity 5, the latest version of its popular game engine. Unlike Unreal, Unity is sticking to its pricing model, offering Unity 5 Pro for $75/month, or a one time payment of $1,5000 with the added benefit of no royalties ever being charged.

But if the price tag is too high worry not, Unity 5 comes in 2 different versions including a free version for projects with revenue or funding less than $100,000 a year. The free version includes the full engine and unlike Unreal Engine’s 5% cut, Unity 5 will not charge royalties.

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No Oculus Rift support is available as of yet but Unity 5 promises upcoming support:

Unity 5 will soon be bringing you integrated Oculus Rift support. The integrated support will mean that developers will only need to install the general Oculus driver, plug in the headset, switch the standard Unity camera to VR mode and press play, in order to run on the Oculus kit.

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