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Ubisoft Backs OSVR | Open Source Virtual Reality Platform

Gaming Juggernaut Ubisoft Backs OSVR

OSVR released a new dev kit to their HMD, calling it the Updated Hacker Development Kit. The new kit contains a new OLED display, some improved tweaks and more user comfort. Among the release of their latest dev kit, OSVR also announced a number of their partners and backers, and one of those names listed is the big gaming company Ubisoft.

Ubisoft, developer and publisher of games such as the FarCry and Assassin’s Creed series expressed interest in VR before, but said they would consider developing content when VR headsets surpassed 1 million sales.

Some of OSVR other partners listed are Vuzix, Technical Illusions, and a number of independent studios around the world.

Both Vuzix and Technical Illusions who develop their own HMD will run on OSVR’s open source platform.

Loads of news and information has come out of GDC 2015 and with established companies like Valve, Ubisoft and SONY exploring VR it seems that virtual reality is becoming a serious playing field and is here to stay.

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