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02 Mar 15
Gear VR paid apps are live on the Oculus Store

The Oculus Store now contains paid apps. Full versions of games and apps are now available to download (At least in the US). The prices range from $3 to $10 depending on the application. VR developers can now start receiving revenue from their VR programs listed on the Oculus Share store. This update follows the announcement from GDC 2015 that states the in the coming months additional 360 videos, panoramic photos and paid content will become available to download.

On top of these new games, applications, and experiences, we’re making a number of short films available to stream within Oculus Cinema, including Lunar, Plot Device, and the brand new film, Immersion. We’re also launching improvements to Oculus 360 Photos with support for stereoscopic panoramas and updated content soon, so stay tuned to see what comes next.


  • Bandit Six by Climax Studios ($2.99)
  • Darknet by E McNeill ($9.99)
  • Dreadhalls by White Door Games ($4.99)
  • Esper by Coatsink ($4.99)
  • Gunner by nDreams ($3.99)
  • Nighttime Terror by Mark Schramm / VR Bits ($3.99)
  • Protocol Zero by DeNA ($4.99)
  • Proton Pulse by Justin Moravetz / ZeroTransform ($2.99)
  • Romans from Mars by Side-Kick Games ($2.99)


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