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19 Feb 15
NUREN The New Renaissance | A Full 360 Degree Virtual Reality Music Video

CSP.Industries is running a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding to produce NUREN The New Renaissance. NUREN is planned to be a feature length animated film set along music much like Disney’s Fantasia 2000.

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You can download a demo of NUREN on their Kickstarter page and you don’t even need an oculus rift to run it. The demo places you in a futuristic “Tron-like” city with two dancing robot twins. The experience is an on-the-rails full 360-degree animation. The music, composed by Shovel Knight composer Jake “virt” Kaufman, is really catchy and fits well with the futuristic visuals and flow of the animation.

The film’s “plot” will follow the android twins QGK and RIX, who break free after they discover their new found self-awareness. Each segment of the film is to be created by a different artist giving the user different visual experiences following an overarching plot. Artist onboard for this project include: Sara Pocock, Pixelseed, Michael Lambert, Lindsay Collins and Charmwitch.

The concept of a virtual reality music video hasn’t been done before or at least not to this level. What CSP Industries is promising looks good and the demo shows what NUREN and a virtual reality music experience is capable of. Hopefully additional artists and composers join or collaborate with the NUREN team, a fully animated representation of music is something I didn’t know I wanted until I tried out NUREN.

HomePage: http://csp.industries/
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