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16 Jan 15
YouTube VR | An Official YouTube VR Could Be In The Works

Could YouTube be planning on having official VR support? YouTube already updated last year accepting videos with a frame rate of 60 and it looks like 360-degree videos is YouTube’s next move.

When talking about the Giroptic’s 360 Full HD camera with The Verge, an unnamed spokesperson from YouTube stated:

“Ever wanted to get 360 perspectives on a video to see everything going on? That’s why we’re working to support 360 degree videos in the coming weeks,” YouTube said in a statement to The Verge.

Allowing 60 FPS videos on YouTube was seen as necessary to allow for a smooth VR viewing experience. 60 FPS videos and the implementation of 360-degree videos make us believe the YouTube’s next step is some sort of VR options or viewer.

While nothing has been confirmed many VR users would enjoy some sort of VR streaming service. Samsung has released MilkVR for the GearVR and other services such as Littlstar, Vyuu and Vcemo are focused on bringing 360 degree videos to VR headsets via a streaming platform.

Source: The Verge

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