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STRAFE | What If Quake & Minecraft Had A Baby?

Wow STRAFE looks pretty F-ing rad dude! The trailer is a blatant parody of 90s videogame commercials mixed with a good dose of blood and gore. The game STRAFE launched its Kickstarter campaign and along with one of the best videogame trailer I’ve even seen, it’s also promising to be compatible with the Oculus Rift.


Nope! We love playing STRAFE® in Oculus and parts of the game are optimized and changed to fit the experience BUT STRAFE® is not going to be a good experience for people new to VR. STRAFE® is fast and we are constantly testing and trying to find new ways to curb motion sickness but we will not sacrifice gameplay for the VR experience.

In short, we love it, we don’t get sick but we see it being too fast for a lot of people.
Kickstarter Page


The game’s story is a rather simple one. You are a space scrapper traveling to the uncharted far edge of the galaxy to meet up with the massive spacecraft ICARUS. When you arrive back from an unsuccessful scrapping mission you notice all of your comrades and ICARUS’s crew are no longer responding. Being all alone in space is already a worst case scenario, but you decide to grab a gun and use the active teleporter to board ICARUS. As you board the ICARUS you see that monsters and other creatures appear to have taken over the ship.

The game is procedurally generating like Minecraft or Rust so you’ll never have the same exact gameplay experience. It’s a block FPS game with an art style that mixes the blocky nature of Minecraft and the gory visuals of FPS games like Doom and Quake. One feature the developers Pixel Titans are pushing seems to be the games gory nature. Though very basic and blocky graphics, the games portrayal of blood and gory is both a horrifying and beautiful sight.

Go back STRAFE on Kickstarter.
STRAFE’S Official Website (Looks like it was made in 1996, nice touch)
Photo Credit: Pixel Titans

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