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19 Jan 15
Ready Player Two? Ready Player One Sequel In The Works?

Ernest Cline author of the 2011 novel Ready Player One, a book about a cooperation controlled sci-fi future where virtual reality and 80s pop culture are relevant is rumored to be working on the sequel.

Screenwriter Zak Penn, who was writing the movie adaptation of Ready Player One revealed that Ernest Cline was writing the sequel:

“Ernie’s working on a sequel to it [Ready Player One], and it is one of those great ideas that has endless possibilities,” said Penn. “And to a certain extent, the longer it exists and the more Ernie thinks about it, the more he comes up with.”

The Ready Player One screenplay is now being held by Warner Brothers, but so far no additional process has been made. Zak Penn explained how licensing fees can limit the amount of games that can be portrayed in the film. The novel Ready Player One contains a lot of videogames, music and other pop culture references from the 1980s.

Ernest Cline is writing the sequel most likely due to all the recent virtual reality news and progress made within the last few years. If or when the Ready Player One sequel and or movie are released it will not only bring some joy to fans of VR and the series, but can also introduce the mainstream audience to the concept and potential of virtual reality.

If you haven’t read Ready Player One I highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in VR or individuals who grow up with gaming. Its easily one of my favorite sci-i books of all time.

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