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Plane9 | Visualize Music the Oculus Rift

We already have multiple Virtual Reality video players ranging from virtual movie theaters to full 360-degree videos.  What we’ve lacked was any sort of VR music player or visualizer application. Reddit user Xetick announced that he has been working on adding Oculus support to his music visualizer, Plane9. Xetick even released a playable demo that can be downloaded and used with an Oculus Rift. There are multiple scenes that have VR capabilities and Plane9 has the ability to add additional downloaded scenes.

Plane9 is still in beta but it is one of the first ways we can experience music and sounds in VR.  If you have an Oculus Rift handy feel free to try out the demo yourself by following these installation directions:

  • Download the beta at Plane9 v0.2.2.7
  • Install it (You don’t need to install the music plugins, as they currently wont work, or the screensaver)
  • Play some music in spotify, winamp or any other player you have
  • Run it in VR mode from Start menu->Plane9->Plane9 VR
  • Reset head position using F5
  • Directly change to next scene using right arrow key

– Xetick

Source: Reddit
Plane9 HomePage

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