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Google Cardboard | Not Just A Gimmick

Google Cardboard may be much more than just a Gimmick. It seems that Google is paying attention and is putting more time and effort into their recyclable VR headset.

Google Cardboard started as a hobby project by David Coz and Damien Henry at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris. With the release of the Gear VR, Oculus Rift and people taking interest in Virtual Reality, it looks like that little piece of cardboard may become something much more.

The official Google Cardboard homepage went through a brand new redesign, there is now a dedicated section on the Google Play Store for Cardboard apps and they’re hiring.

On the official Google Developers blog, they state the over 500,000 Google Cardboards have shipped as well as other details.

As simple as they are, cardboard boxes are pretty great. Maybe you transformed one into a fort or castle growing up. Or maybe your kids took last week’s package delivery and turned the box into a puppet theater. The best part about cardboard is that it can become anything—all you need is your imagination.

It’s good to see Google embrace VR. More and more technology companies seem to be jumping into the VR race. Oculus, Samsung, SONY and now Google are a few of the big names out there. The VR future is looking good.

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