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12 Nov 14
RiftMax Kickstarter Canceled | Riftmax Team Splitting Up

Sad news as the Riftmax Kickstarter was suddenly canceled. For those unaware, Riftmax is an Oculus Rift enabled virtual reality movie theater where you can watch both online and local videos with or without friends. More than just a simple video player, Riftmax is a neat VR chat room, hangout or social square where users can chat, walk around and watch videos.

In an update posted on the project’s Kickstarter page it seems that the Riftmax development team has disbanded with DZ and Caine leaving the team and Michael Armstrong taking over as sole developer. The reason for DZ and Caine leaving the project was not stated but, a decision  was made to stop the current Kickstarter project.

After careful consideration and discussion with the rest of the Riftmax team, we have determined that the only mutually agreeable path forward for Riftmax will be for me to go back to developing Riftmax as a solo developer, and as such DZ and Caine have agreed to step back from active development, and will be moving on to other projects. Accordingly, we felt it would not be fair to our backers to continue with the kickstarter campaign.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Riftmax, and especially DZ and Caine for their hard work.

In the meantime, if you want to convert your pledge to a donation to help us cover our costs to date, we would appreciate it – our donation paypal account can be found here: PayPal

Michael Armstrong

Internow Games LLC

-Riftmax Kickstarter Page

Luckily it doesn’t look like this is the end of Riftmax. Michael Armstrong is taking over as a solo developer and has stated that he will continue working on this fun VR movie theater. Though with updates, planned VR karaoke nights and play testing, I can only imagine that updates will be less frequent with only a single active team member. Personally I feel there is great potential within Riftmax and will love to see this project grow.

For those who haven’t had the chance to experience Riftmax for themselves please download it from the official homepage.

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