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07 Nov 14
Engadget Expand NY 2014 | Engadget’s Consumer Technology Event

Hey! You live in New York? You like technology? Got nothing planned tomorrow? Well aren’t you in luck! Tomorrow Nov. 8, 9am-6pm Experience the Future of Technology at Engadget Expand event. OH YEAH, and it’s FREE to attend. Being held in the Javits Center, this event plans to have over 10,000 attendees who will be entertained with panels, discussions and interactive opportunities. A highlight for VR enthusiasts will be the attendance of Virtuix’s Omni, the 360-degree Oculus Rift virtual reality treadmill. There are plenty of events and speakers tomorrow, you can view the entire schedule on the official event page. A few things on the agenda that focus on VR are:

  • Back To Reality: VR Beyond Gaming @ 1:10 – 1:40 PM
  • Make Your Own VR Headset @ 1:15 – 2:15 PM

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