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06 Oct 14
From Ashes | High Hopes For Educational VR Apps

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I jumped into From Ashes without know what it was. My first initial thought was that it might be some horror VR game but to my surprise what I found was the first full true educational VR experience.

Other VR games like Titans of Space are educational and allow you to read and learn in VR. From Ashes takes you through time and space beginning with the big bang and ending with Virtual Reality. What sets it apart from other educational VR experiences is that throughout the program you are accompanied with a guide called TV-Head. TV-Head talks directly to the player and manipulates the world around the player taking them through time and space.

It reminded me of classic children educational shows, like Bill Nye the Science guy or Schoolhouse Rock. The way TV-Head talks to the player is like a one on one tutoring session and with the ability to change the world or create something in an instant, TV-Head has a great way of explaining even complex issues like the creation of this planet or the big bang.
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I can see this type of VR applications being used to educate children or give a quick refresher to people curious about a subject. I hope Developer Steven Gray isn’t done with this series and will continue this project. I know I would like to see more of TV-Head.
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Download From Ashes From Share OculusVR
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