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02 Oct 14
Dexmo | Force Feedback: Feel What You See

The next logical step in VR is hand and finger input. And while some devices like LEAP Motion and the Razer Hydra do have working hand and arm tracking they both lack force feedback. Without any force feedback, hand/arm tracking devices don’t feel “solid” yet with nothing stopping your hand from passing through objects in VR.
[two_third last=”no”]From Dextarobotics comes Dexmo. Dexmo is a wearable hand mounted exoskeleton that captures hand motion as well as provides you with the much needed force feedback. There are multiple versions of Dexmo being developed. The Dexo Classic has the hand tracking but does not have any force feedback while the Dexmo F2 combines the hand tracking with the force feedback. With different versions being developed a set price for these devices aren’t announced as of yet.[/two_third]
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Dexmo is designed to be dexterous, accurate, and affordable. Most hand motion capturing devices come with a high price tag and typically not within the price range of an average consumer. Dexmo uses inexpensive rotational sensors as well as other components that allows the cost to be lower that what is currently available.

Photo Credit: dextarobotics
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