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15 Sep 14
Windlands Indiegogo Live | Swing Like Spider-Man in VR

Windlands is a adventure game where you are equipped with two retractable ropes. Your character is able to wall jump, swing and climb through a colorful world filled with floating islands. Windlands just launched their Indiegogo campaign with plenty of incentives and a new DK2 compatible demo. The developer Ilja Kivikangas has been working on Windlands since early 2013 with composer Simo Sainio.

The game’s core mechanic is swinging. You are able to launch two ropes to attach to specific platforms to swing, climb and launch yourself across the map. The swinging seems to take inspiration from Spider-man and Attack on Titan as the physics involved with the ropes allow for simple, quick, yet complex moves.
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The game is being developed specifically for the Oculus Rift and while there will be a NON VR build of the games it is primarily an Oculus Rift adventure games. The goal of Windlands is to find and destroy the source powering all the giant golems. There are currently 3 developer videos that show how Windlands have updated and changed throughout development.
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If you want to check out some live gameplay, our very one Abe Hunter made a video of his first impressions of Windlands.

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There is a good amount of content added to Windlands, a short list includes:

  • Huge Boss Fights
  • Easy / Hardcore Controls
  • Easy Viewing mode (to reduce nausea)
  • Music Composed by Simo Sainio
  • Vast Exploration
  • Free Swinging Action

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