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25 Sep 14
Pixel Rift | Grab Your Gameboy, Relive Your Childhood

Pixel Rift, is an interesting game that currently needs some votes on their Steam Greenlight page. You play as a little girl named Nicola and visit different stages of her life while she plays different video games.

The demo (Which you can download) allows you to play one level with an original grey brick Gameboy (Or GameGirl as the game puts it) during the early 90’s. The main menu is interesting as you start off as baby Nicola surrounded by different video games ranging from Atari games up to Nintendo64 games. And though only one of the game levels were available, they all look to be original games and not emulations of classic games.
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[two_third last=”yes”]In the gameboy level, you are send to a classroom setting where you have to balance between beating the gameboy game under your desk and not getting caught by the teacher. This aspect of the game seems to take inspiration from Classroom Aquatic minus the dolphins and test taking. The classroom has different things to interact with and the further you get in the gameboy game causes the game characters to interact with the classroom.[/two_third]

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Visit Pixel Rift’s Homepage | Download The Demo
Photo Credit: Pixel Rift

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