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30 Sep 14
Mom Tries Out NBC’s The Voice VR Experience

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[title size=”3″]NBC’s The Voice 360: Be the Coach[/title]
[title size=”4″]NBC’s The Voice VR Experience[/title]
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The Voice 360: Be the Coach is a neat little promotional VR Experience for the television show of the same name. In the demo you assist one of the coaches in trying to convince one of the contestants to join your team. There is very little control in the demo and you pretty much sit back and watch the action unfold. The demo places you in a 3D rendered video allowing you to look all over The Voice stage.

Personally I’m not a fan of The Voice so while the demo was neat it didn’t appeal to me. Luckily my mother is a fan of the show so I took the opportunity to sit her through the demo. Overall she enjoyed the demo; she was familiar with the characters, like the ability to see the show from the judges perspectives and felt as though she was part of the show. One thing she was disappointed with was that the demo didn’t let her give any feedback or interact with the characters. As a promotional tool for fans of The Voice, the demo does a great job of getting fans excited for the new season. Other shows like Games Of Thrones are utilizing VR as new ways to promote new seasons. As VR becomes more mainstream and easy to develop more of these VR experiences can be expected.

Download NBC’s The Voice 360: Be the Coach From Share OculusVR

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