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29 Sep 14
ITRL? Crescent Bay & Oculus Connect | The pureVR Podcast

Last week I was on pureVR’s podcast ITRF?  [Is This Real Life]. We discussed the new Crescent Bay, DK2 demos and more. You can watch it via the video below or through the pureVR libsyn page.



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The DK2 was long awaited! A huge upgrade from the original Oculus Rift Development Kit. As if it wasn’t bad enough that you may still be waiting for your DK2. There is now an Oculus Rift prototype that blows the DK2 out of the water.

At Oculus Connect this past weekend they showed off their latest prototype, Crescent Bay. Toting a new display, speculated to be 1440p or higher, running at 90hz, full 360 positional tracking and integrated headphones.

Today on the show Abe Hunter of Rifty Business joins us to discuss the latest in VR news.

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