RiftyBusiness | Free Unreal Engine 4 for Oculus Development Kit Owners

30 Sep 14
Free Unreal Engine 4 for Oculus Development Kit Owners

Unity or Unreal Engine 4? Ususally that is the question heard from people looking to develop for VR. There are many pros and cons for each engine with the biggest pro for Unity being the cost. Unity is available for to low price of free and will have expanded oculus rift support. That may change as the rumor floating around is that the Unreal Engine 4 will be free for current Development Kit owners.

Today people discovered that there was some text on the Unreal Engine 4 stating that the “Unreal Engine 4 is now free for Oculus Development Kit Owners!” The link is no longer live and the “Learn More” page is down.

View The Page

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A Free Unreal Engine 4 voucher will greatly sway developers over to the Unreal Engine over Unity. The current price is $19/month with a 5% percent royalty fee on game sales.

RiftyBusiness will continue to follow up on this rumor, and will report back with any updates.

Source: Reddit

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