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20 Sep 14
Crescent Bay | The NEW Oculus Rift Prototype

This week was Oculus Connect, a VR convention held but OculusVR. Many were speculating that OculusVR would reveal their consumer model Oculus Rift but instead we were introduced to the Crescent Bay. The Crescent Bay is the latest prototype headset for OculusVR. It is not the consumer version of the Rift but it is a greater overall VR headset, with better more features than the current Development Kit 2.. Crescent Bay features 360° head tracking,  an expanded positional tracking range, dramatically improved weight and ergonomics, and most noticeably, high-quality integrated audio with its attached headphone.

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[one_third last=”no”]They are still not done with their headset and Oculus will be continuing to develop and finetune their tech to prepare for a consumer release. An area OculusVR is jumping into is VR audio. Sound is important for delivering an immersive virtual reality experience. Combining 360° head tracking, with 3d sound is a great way to get an immersive experience in VR. [/one_third]
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Image Credit: OculusVR

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