RiftyBusiness | I Should Visit Skyrim. Is The VorpX Driver Worth It?

27 Aug 14
I Should Visit Skyrim. Is The VorpX Driver Worth It?

The VorpX driver allows you to play currently released PC games such as Skyrim and Fallout on your Oculus Rift in Stereo 3D. Earlier this month VorpX developer Ralf Ostertag announced the release of a new update for the VorpX software to support the new Oculus Rift Development Kit 2.

Older games do not support VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift DK2, so Vorpx makes it possible by adding head tracking, positional tracking and 3D support to non VR enabled games. Games such as Half-Life 2 already have VR functionality and others like Portal 2 are planned to support VR in the future, but other games have no features planned and have to rely on custom mods and individual tweaking.

VorpX currently is the only available software that allows you to experience modern on your Oculus Rift. DK1 / DK2.

Watch Vorpx in Action, Running The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

[youtube id=”PE7Icj0PO-4″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=””]

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[title size=”1″]Is Vorpx Worth The Price?[/title]

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Depends on your VR needs.

At a $40 price tag, its easy to be on the fence about Vorpx. After buying an Oculus Rift, good headphones, an Xbox controller and random VR peripherals and equipment, throwing an extra $40 on a driver may seem a bit overkill but you’ll quickly forget opening your wallet as soon as you enter the world of Rapture, Azeroth or Skyrim in glorious VR. If you have an Oculus Rift and ordered it with the intention to use it for gaming I can’t recommend Vorpx highly enough. It installs pretty quickly and has a neat in game control panel to adjust each game to the user’s prefered settings. While games like Bioshock Infinite can be a bit too intense for first time rifters (especially during shootouts), games such as The Stanley Parable, Skyrim and Dear Esther feel right at home on the DK2.

The driver is currently in beta and purchasing it now will get you all future updates. As the consumer version of the Rift draws near there may be better solutions in near future but for now, the only surefire way to run older games in VR is through the use of Vorpx and as of today… I’m fine with that.

You can buy Vorpx through its homepage

[title size=”1″]Supported Vorpx Games[/title]

Here is a list of supported Vorpx titles. There are more title supported than those that are on the list. Please check back on RiftyBusiness for more updates.

Alan WakePsychologicalVisit
Aliens ñ Colonial MarinesFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Alice Madness ReturnsAction AdventureVisit
ArmA 2Military SimulationVisit
ArmA 3Military SimulationVisit
Assassins CreedAction AdventureVisit
Assassins Creed 2Action AdventureVisit
Batman Arkham CityAction AdventureVisit
Battlefield 3First-Person ShooterVisit
Battlefield 4First-Person ShooterVisit
BioshockFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Bioshock 2First-Person ShooterVisit
Bioshock InfiniteFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Black Mesa SourceFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Call of Duty ñ Black OpsFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Call of Duty ñ Black Ops 2First-Person ShooterVisit
Call of Duty ñ Modern Warfare 3First-Person ShooterVisit
Call of Duty ñ GhostsFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Clive Barkers JerichoFirst-Person ShooterVisit
CrysisFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Crysis 2First-Person ShooterVisit
Crysis 3First-Person ShooterVisit
Dead SpaceSurvival HorrorVisit
Dead Space 2Survival HorrorVisit
Dead Space 3Third-Person ShooterVisit
Dear EstherArtVisit
Deus Ex ñ Human RevolutionAction Role-PlayingVisit
Dirt 2RacingVisit
Dirt 3RacingVisit
DishonoredAction AdventureVisit
Dragon Age 1+2Role-PlayingVisit
Elder Scrolls: Morrowind (with DX9 mod)Action Role-PlayingVisit
Elder Scrolls: OblivionAction Role-PlayingVisit
Elder Scrolls: SkyrimAction Role-PlayingVisit
Formula 1 2011RacingVisit
Formula 1 2012RacingVisit
Fallout 3Action Role-PlayingVisit
Fallout New VegasAction Role-PlayingVisit
Far CryFirst-Person ShooterVisit
Far Cry 3Action Role-PlayingVisit
Flight Simulator XFlight SimulatorVisit
Gothic 3Action Role-PlayingVisit
Half Life 2First-Person ShooterVisit
Mafia 2Third-Person ShooterVisit
Mount and Blade: WarbandAction Role-PlayingVisit
Mass EffectAction Role-PlayingVisit
Mass Effect 2Action Role-PlayingVisit
Mass Effect 3Action Role-PlayingVisit
Metro 2033First-Person ShooterVisit
Mirrors EdgePlatformVisit
Myst VPuzzleVisit
Need for Speed Most Wanted [2005]RacingVisit
Need for Speed Shift 2RacingVisit
OutlastSurvival HorrorVisit
PortalPuzzle-platform GameVisit
Portal 2Puzzle-platform GameVisit
Quake (with DX9 mod)First-Person ShooterVisit
Race Driver GRIDRacingVisit
rFactorRacing SimulatorVisit
RisenAction Role-PlayingVisit
Risen 2Action Role-PlayingVisit
Splinter Cell 3StealthVisit
Splinter Cell BlacklistStealthVisit
STALKER ñ Call of PripyatFirst-Person ShooterVisit
System Shock 2 (with DX9 mod)First-Person ShooterVisit
Tomb Raider UnderworldAction AdventureVisit
Tomb Raider AnniversayAction AdventureVisit
Vampire: RedemptionRole-PlayingVisit
The WitcherAction Role-PlayingVisit
The Witcher 2Action Role-PlayingVisit
World of WarcraftMMORPGVisit
X3Space SimulationVisit

  • Chris
    Posted at 14:57h, 16 May

    It’s ridiculous to have to pay for compatibility, if you spend $400 everything should be free, drivers weren’t meant to be made to pay for, they are made to make things more compatible with your OS. I think it’s redundant and greedy. No thank you.

  • stu
    Posted at 05:41h, 15 July

    @Chris, when the driver is provided by the company making the hardware or the application then perhaps yes. If they don’t though and a third party goes to the trouble of making it, IMO they’re totally justified to ask to be compensated for it. How else would they have the time and resources to maintain it?
    Sure it’d be handy to have to only deal with one vendor and get complete solutions in one purchase but that’s just not how it goes, especially for a new field like VR.

  • Michael
    Posted at 14:11h, 10 August

    Chris, the vorpx drivers are made by a 3rd party and the VR developers aren’t getting any cut in this so how does it make them greedy? If it wasn’t for them you would be stuck hacking in your own VR support or waiting for games that support VR.

  • JEFF
    Posted at 05:12h, 21 November

    Sadly Chris is spot on. There is no way to even tell if VorpX actually works. As someone who bought the Rift DK2 almost 2 years ago, I have had 2 games that actually work as expected, and Half Life 2. Oculus should have provided driver support or done whatever the vorpX guy may or may not have done (the whole thing could be a scam considering its $40 and there is no refund and they can easily say its “something on your system that conflicts”). Its quite obvious though that the last thing Oculus wants to do is breath life into everyone’s massive library of older titles. What they *do* want to do is build hype, sell barely working apparatus to stupid people, and then move on and sell you a new oculus that will supposedly have support.
    1) There were a couple of games made for the DK1.. once the DK2 came out, those games mysteriously no longer work. There are a few developers working on big titles. And now that the Gear VR is coming out they have announced that 25 games will be available for it in December. You’d think that since Gear VR is from oculus that Oculus would have at least ensured that those games supported the DK2.
    Oculus is milking everyone for everything they can and giving as little /nothing as possible. They build hype and work on making things incompatible. They want people’s money and thats it.