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25 Aug 14
Sightline: The Chair | I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Sightline: The Chair by SightlineVR, is probably one of the first demos you would want to run if you are showing off your newly acquired DK2 to friends and family. At around 10 minutes if a short but sweet demo that gives you a hint of what VR has to offer.

You start the game sitting at a desk witch while not realistic in terms of graphics makes pretty good use of the oculus rift’s 3d and positional tracking. As you start to look around  the room, you start to  notice that items in the room begin to change as you look away from them. Soon the room begins to change as the game takes you through different areas by changing when its out of your view.

It’s a cool way to utilize virtual reality. This type of game is impossible without head tracking and it’s an experience that you can get elsewhere. I highly recommend anyone with access to an oculus rift to give Sightline: The Chair a try. For anyone who doesn’t have access to an oculus rift please check out our Let’s Play video below.

[youtube id=”F7M9NwUKkMU” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=””]

Sightline: The Chair is currently on Steam Greenlight and can be voted on if you follow this link Here.

To try out the demo yourself you can download Sitghline: The Chair Here for the PC and MAC (Oculus Rift DK2 or DK1 required)


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