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07 Jul 14
Oculus Rift Games | Sortable VR Game List

Here is the RiftyBusiness VR game list. Here we’ve listed a number Oculus Rift supported games. The different list are sortable to give you a quick way to find what you might be interested in. Please check back often as us here at RiftyBusiness will update this page with more VR games as well as additional VR game information. [one_fourth last=”no”]

Hagane (@MDCHONPO)’s Ocu-ko.


[three_fourth last=”yes”][title size=”1″]Japanese Oculus Rift Games[/title]
There are many VR games and applications that come from the land of the rising sun. Many of them get lost in translation and are hard to find on english speaking websites. Many japanese VR games involve some..ummm.suggestive material, but besides waifu and H-games there are other treasures that can be found in Japan. Unfortunately it is hard to find such games so we at RiftyBusiness have you covered. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE[/three_fourth]

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Here we listed some popular Japanese VR games demos and applications.


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Perilous DimensionPerilous Dimension is the first shooter game that both support Oculus Rift
and LEAP Motion.
Suwako-chan CubicEnemies shoot complex patterns of bullets at you, You control a character on a
2.5D plane and dodge their attacks while shooting back.
Bullet HellDownload
VR SKI JUMPA simple Ski Jump tech demoTech DemoDownload
XevilousA vertical scrolling shooter arcade game claiming to be a VR remake of Xevious.ShooterDownloadx
HiyoshiJumpIn this demo, you can perform a "superhero" jump high into the sky overlooking
the Hiyoshi Station.
Tech DemoDownloadx
3D Parking Simulator3D Parking Simulator is a VR driving simulator specialized for parking. Supports a steering
wheel controller and requires you to realistically look over you shoulder in order to
park backwards.
Oculus Game CenterA VR area of a Japanese arcade during the 1980s. MAME emulation output is in the works.SimulationDownloadx
OculusSkyYou play as a test pilot of a combat mech during a combat training session.MechDownload
Little Witch Pie DeliveryPlay as a witch flying on a broomstick as you collect floating gems. Attach a gyro
sensor smartphone to a broom for a more immersive experience.
Swinging Wire ActionAn Oculus Rift and Razor Hydra game where you cross underneath a bridge using
two grappling hooks
Tech DemoDownload
TitianBased on the anime Attack on Titian, you navigate around a city attacking giant Titans
using your 3D-Maneuver Gear.
Tech DemoDownload
SpiculusSpider-Man inspired jumping game. You navigate through a city with acrobatic
jumping skills and swinging
Tech DemoDownloadx
HauntedRiftTurn off the lights, sit down and enjoy, wearing headphones and the Oculus Rift.HorrorDownload
Mokuzou Kosha Wo Aruku'Walk Through a Wooden Schoolhouse", a realistic walkthrough of an old Japanese-style
school building
Experience/JapanExperience/Japan is a groundbreaking immersive 360 film being created for the
Oculus Rift. The film is a hybrid between Virtual Travel and a fictional narrative.
Virtual TourDownloadx
MikulusSet in a Japanese classroom Miku shows up and dances for you.MikuDownload
TsuitekulusMiku follows you around a Sci-fi themed room in this simple demo.MikuDownloadx
Vespa TestA photo realistic vespa in a skybox.Tech DemoDownload
YunalusA very nice anime room environment. There is a very well done female
anime character in the room.
Dating SimDownloadx
DogezaA foot fetish domination simulator starring Miku,MikuDownload
Fantasy NightA tech demo of an Anime type environment.Tech DemoDownloadx
Lukalus Live!A dancing enviroment tech demo.Tech DemoDownloadx
Macross VF SimControl a mech suit that can transform into a fighter jet. Fire missiles
and attack enemies
MIKU360Miku clones posed all around you in a 3d environment.MikuDownload
NekolusPlay with a virtual Japanese catVirtual PetDownloadx
EscapeTheRockYou run away from a giant rock trying to crush youTech DemoDownload
Stage of ShimizuA VR tour of the Stage of ShimizuVirtual TourDownload

[/toggle] [/accordian] [/fullwidth] [separator top=”10″ bottom=”40″ style=”dashed”] [three_fourth last=”no”][title size=”1″]Steam Oculus Rift Games[/title] Some PC games have offered updates that allow use of the Oculus Rift or similar headsets. Others have released pre alpha builds of their games via Stream’s Greenlight program which is a system that enlists the community’s help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam as well as Early Access Games. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE[/three_fourth] [one_fourth last=”yes”] [/one_fourth] [fullwidth menu_anchor=”” backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” paddingTop=”0px” paddingBottom=”40px”]

Here we’ve listed some Steam Oculus Rift games.

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NameGenreSteam PageEarly Access?VR Enabled?
Assetto Corsa
RacingSteam PageYesYes
Beasts of PreySurvivalSteam PageYesYes
Euro Truck Simulator 2DrivingSteam PageNoYes
Among the SleepHorrorSteam PageNoYes
Ether OneAdventureSteam PageNoYes
DreamExplortionSteam PageYesYes
SnowSportsSteam PageYesYes
Half Minute Hero: The Second ComingRPGSteam PageNoYes
Strike Suit ZeroSpaceSteam PageNoYes
RetrovirusActionSteam PageNoYes
Surgeon Simulator 2013SimulationSteam PageNoYes
Slender: The ArrivalHorrorSteam PageNoYes
HAWKENMechSteam PageYesYes
Star ConflictSpaceSteam PageNoYes
QUBE: Director’s CutAdventureSteam PageNoYes
War ThunderSimulationSteam PageNoYes
MontasHorrorSteam PageYesYes
Probably ArcherySportsSteam PageNoYes
Doorways: Chapter 1 & 2HorrorSteam PageNoYes
Space Pirates and Zombies 2RPGSteam PageNoYes
Lunar FlightSimulationSteam PageNoYes
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the AwesomeActionSteam PageNoYes
Shufflepuck Cantina DeluxeSportsSteam PageNoYes
FortressCraft EvolvedCraftingSteam PageYesYes
GlitchspaceCraftingSteam PageYesYes
KairoAdventureSteam PageNoYes
Starlite Astronaut Academy: G-BallSportsSteam PageNoYes
Infinity RunnerActionSteam PageNoYes
Tesla EffectAdventureSteam PageNoYes
The ForestCraftingSteam PageYesPlanned
Half-Life 2ActionSteam PageNoYes
Interstellar MarinesActionSteam PageYesPlanned
Montague’s MountAdventureSteam PageNoPlanned
Next Car GameRacingSteam PageYesPlanned
Paranautical ActivityActionSteam PageYesPlanned
ParanormalHorrorSteam PageYesPlanned
QBEH-1: The Atlas CubePuzzleSteam PageNoPlanned
Race The SunRacingSteam PageNoPlanned
Starpoint Gemini 2SpaceSteam PageYesPlanned
Theme Park StudioSimulationSteam PageYesPlanned
7 Days to DieSurvivalSteam PageYesPlanned
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