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15 Jun 14
ControlVR Kickstarter Reached | VR Gloves

With 20 days left to go, ControlVR has reached its Kickstarter goal of $250,000. If you aren’t already aware, ControlVR are VR gloves that provide tracking for arms, hands and fingers. Not only do the gloves track motion for games and applications, but ControlVR will also allow the VR gloves to capture motion for use in animation. The Control VR developer kits will include access to the Control VR Developer Center, which provides the SDK, training videos, technical support, and serves as a community for Control VR developers and you can secure yours today by backing their Kickstarter. It’s a bit pricy with a $600 pledge requirement for the entire ControlVR set which includes the Body kit and both left and right VR Gloves but they are well aware of it.

As far as I’m concerned, the only legitimate complaint against us is the price. Unfortunately, the cost of the sensors, manufacturing, SDK etc…costs about $597 dollars each. If I lowered the price we wouldn’t be able to deliver, unfortunately many Kickstarters take this route…I assure you, we’re actually going to be able to deliver these. Personally I’d rather start with a high price and do it right rather then going for a cheap half measure.

– BrandonJLa

To justify the current price point and to show off their tech, Reddit user BrandonJLa, who works with ControlVR, allowed some users to come visit, put on the VR Gloves and test drive  Control VR. In order to dispel all doubts he allowed the reddit community select their “champions” and documented their test drive and reactions:

[youtube id=”xLAdnDKZ77o” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=””]

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Be sure to back and share their Kickstarter. I know us at RiftyBusiness will do our share.

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