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28 May 14
Well I’m Impressed: Leap Motion V2 Tracking

When I first saw Leap Motion I immediately thought of the movie Minority Report. The ability to control my computer using air gestures and finger tracking seemed amazing and was no longer science fiction. For $79.99 I can be future Tom Cruise and check my emails with a flick of my wrist.

Today Leap Motion has released footage and the beta of their updated tracking system, showing some great improvements on their already great finger tracking hardware. The finger tracking looks almost one to one and we can’t wait to see what people hope to develop utilizing the Leap Motion V2 Tracking.

One of the few problems with the leap motion is the limited tracking area. The current leap motion covers a small volume above the desk, only a four cubic foot area. Another issue is lack of supported applications, while the demo software and tech demos work great with the Leap Motion, the tiny library of supported application and games make the Leap Motion more of a gimmick than a lasting product.

Grab The Beta Here
Image Credit: Leap Motion

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